The Scottish Gardening Magazine launched in August 2020 as a brand new title dedicated to celebrating real gardening in Scotland.

Bringing an inspiring and informative mix of gardening, gardeners, gardens and growing in Scotland, set in a beautiful content experience, this publication will empower the Scottish gardening market.

With features to engage novice to experienced gardeners; first time veg growers to seasoned allotment holders; horticultural groups to community initiatives, we hope to bring you pages about real gardening happening in Scotland right now, from East to West coast and from the Borders to the Islands.

The Scottish Gardening Magazine is set in a visually beautiful reading experience, with fully responsive text and images across all devices.

Subscribe for our eco friendly, bi-monthly, fully responsive, digital magazine which will drop straight into inboxes and come and chat with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Individual pages of the magazine can be immediately shared by readers on all platforms to family and friends and, as we are not limited by distribution miles, the magazine can instantly reach across the length and breadth of Scotland and beyond, helping to spread the message that we in Scotland, know a thing or two about gardening!

What people are saying…

Keen to support a publication that’s specifically Scottish orientated!

Outside In Garden Rooms

At last a magazine for us Scottish gardeners!

Growing a Scottish Garden

Congratulations on your new venture – just what Scottish horticulture needs. The more means we celebrate our diverse gardens, gardeners and our whole industry, the better. Really can’t wait to read the first issue!

Brian Cunningham, Beechgrove Garden

Nice to see that there will be a magazine tailored to Scottish gardens!

Edible Gardens

I’m really excited about the magazine as it’s exactly what we need in Scotland!

AJR Greenspace

Let’s celebrate real gardening in Scotland together – we’d love to hear from you!